Coffee around the world

Visualise the local coffees around the world. Which ones have you tried?

This Wikibrains interactive map mentions: usa, cafe breve, cafe tobio, the gibraltar, red eye, italy, antoccino, caffe marocchino, espresso romano, macchiato, ristretto, spain, cafe bombon, confe con miel, cortado, portugal, columbia, australia, new zealand, flat white, galao, mazagran, germany, pharisaer, eiskaffee, austria, wiener melange, vienna coffee, vietnam, ca phe da, greece/cyprus, frappe coffee, hong kong, yuangyang, cuba, cafe cubano, mexico, cafe de olla, senegal, cafe touba, france, cafe au lait, india, indian filter coffee, turkey, turkish coffee, cafe melange, switzerland/netherlands, malaysia, kopi susu panas, ireland, irish coffee,

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