The Walking Dead - The Biggest Killers

Who killed more? The governor, Daryl or Rick? An overview of the top-3 killers. Source:

This Wikibrains interactive map mentions: the governor, daryl dixon, rick grimes, andrea, Franklin, Sean (zombified), Corporal Brady, Wilson, Lieutenant Welles, axel, richard foster, merle dixon, milton mamet, paul, allen, bill jenkins (zombified), david chambler (ZOMBIFIED), caesar martinez, pete dolgen, meghan chambler, hershel greene, lacey (ZOMBIFIED), duncan (ZOMBIFIED), mr. fischer (ZOMBIFIED), mrs. fischer (ZOMBIFIED), arnold greene (ZOMBIFIED), shawn greene (ZOMBIFIED), dale horvath, merle dixon (zombified), woodbury soldier 1 (zombified), greg (zombified), patrick (zombified), mitch dolgen, billy, summer (zombified), leon basset (ZOMBIFIED), hannah (ZOMBIFIED), sophia peletier (ZOMBIFIED), dave, tony, shane walsh, tomas, erin (ZOMBIFIED), thomas, charlie (ZOMBIFIED), lou, joe, dan, alex, woodbury soldier (22x), national guardsman (6x), martinez's group (9x), woodbury army 1, woodbury army 2,

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