Cannes Festival 2014 Official Selection

This Wikibrains interactive map mentions: in competition, clouds of sils maria, saint laurent, winter sleep, maps to the stars, two days, one night, mommy, the captive, goodbye to language, the search, the homesman, still the water, mr. turner, jimmy's hall, foxcatcher, the wonders, timbuktu, wild tales, leviathan, un certain regard, party girl, mad love, bird people, the blue room, charlie's country, a girl at my door, the disappearance of eleanor rigby, fantasia, force majeure, that lovely girl, beautiful youth, misunderstood, jauja, lost river, run, the salt of the earth, snow in paradise, butterfly, xenia, white god, out of competition, coming home, how to train your dragon 2, grace of monaco, in the name of my daughter, the rover, the salvation, the target, special screenings, bridges of sarajevo, cartoonists - foot soldiers of democracy, maidan, red army, silvered water, syria self-portrait, of men and war, the owners, geronimo, the ardor, people of the world, short films, the administration of glory, invisible spaces, happo-en, leidi, the last one, the execution, aïssa, les corps étrangers, yes we love, silent, cinéfondation, our blood, home sweet home, the aftermath of the inauguration of the public toilet at kilometer 375, stone cars, last trip home, a radiant life, niagara, oh lucy!, the visit, moonless summer, the bigger picture, provincia, breath, thunderbirds, sourdough, skunk,

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