About us

WikiBrains is a growing community of creative people from all walks of life who embrace associative thinking to get inspired and out of the box. You may associate "Freud" to "Psychology", then someone across the globe links it to "Libido", another one to "Subconscious", and another one to "Dreams" and so on ad infinitum with ever-expanding branches and related content. It is a social, fun and smart space where ideas roam free and multiply. Welcome to WikiBrains: The Worlds Largest Brainstorm.

Our Mission: To create an online brain that will spark creativity and out of the box thinking through collaboration. Our larger goal is to promote multi-cultural understanding for an abundant future.

Today brainstorming, and mind mapping for that matter, remains a frustrating, time-consuming, lonely and boring experience. It sucks, but we are changing that. The creative process should be fun and dynamic and take advantage of the smart crowds. Great creativity and innovation come through patterns of associations, and the further apart these are the further outside the box your thinking is.

This all sounds pretty and full of rainbows, but how can you do that? Great question! So each time you want to brainstorm or learn a certain topic, you just enter the word and see what previous users have thought of: words, content and opinions. If you want, you can contribute to WikiBrains!

And it gets better! As you explore, connect and create WikiBrains will suggest content that may be useful to you. For example, if you thought Bird + Wings, we may suggest you an interesting article on the physics of bird flight, or a related video or picture. The idea is to expand your limits by connecting you to what the rest of the world is thinking.

Happy brainstorming!

*WikiBrains was started by a great team with passionate people who were exploring how a smart data structure could be used to provide a growing database of semantically linked information and knowledge. We hope you enjoy and contribute to this growing community!

WikiBrains is currently in beta.

Thoughts or suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Get in touch